Incoterms? 2020 [ENGLISH]

    • DateDecember 03, 2019
    • Time1:00 PM EST
    • Duration1.5 hours
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    About this Webinar

    International commercial terms (or Incoterms?) are rules that govern the importation and exportation of goods around the globe. These terms hold universal meaning for buyers and sellers worldwide.

    The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has released new rules under Incoterms? 2020. To help members of the trade community better understand the new rules and their impact, Livingston’s trade experts are hosting a live webinar. Topics that will be covered include:

    • Impact of the Incoterms? 2020 rules on business operations
    • Changes you need to be aware of in the 2020 version
    • Analysis of the rules, by term
    • Importance in customs valuation and declarations

    Who Should Attend?

    Anyone importing or exporting goods or services globally.

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    Our experts

    Rody Camacho: Director, Trade Management Consulting

    Rody Camacho is responsible for international trade compliance analysis and solution implementation for clients including risk assessments and process improvement. He has extensive expertise in trade compliance and Mexico import and export regulations.

    Before his current role, Rody spent 10 years in the Global Trade Management team at Livingston where he was responsible for leading operational transitions, managing multiple client relationships, managing operational staff and delivering services through adherence to contractual obligations.

    Rody’s understanding of other countries compliance principles has given him the opportunity to serve clients in South America. In 2009 he led the export process migration activities for a telecommunications customer in Mumbai, India.

    Fabián Pi?a: International Trade Consultant

    Fabián Pi?a started working at Livingston International in February 2015 as an international trade consultant. He has extensive knowledge of the Mexican regulations that govern commercial activity, and of the customs regulatory framework. Specifically, he has experience in import and export management, tariff classification, which is in compliance with the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS), as well as Incoterms? rules and the IMMEX Program.

    Among Fabián's recent projects are the reconstruction of IMMEX Annex 24, the inventory and reconstruction of fixed assets, minimizing taxes, and various evaluations of imports and exports.

    Before working at Livingston International, Fabián coordinated the International Trade Department at Magna Interiors Toluca.

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